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Wedge Surfboards began as the brain-child of Peter Maisch. After riding a wooden board he had bought from a friend in 1962, he decided to shape his own board out of Polystyrene. An 8-foot single fin. After that moment, we was hooked. As the surfing craze boomed in the mid to late sixties there was a diversification of surf-craft designs and easier access to materials like Polyurethane. Boards became shorter, and sharper and surfing evolved at a fast pace to where we are now. To this day the sons of Peter, Gary ‘Gazo’ and Justin ‘Justy’ continue their Father’s legacy. Being born of the South African surf culture, they began building boards of their own with the guidance of their father. The brothers have been making surfboards for more than twenty years now, and Gazo has shaped over 15000 boards. They have specialised in custom Epoxy Surfboards since 2006.


Maisch Fins grew out of necessity. Wedge Surfboards had to have fins. So Peter Maisch began shaping fins and his legacy and skills have been passed on to his sons, Gary and Justin. They have a very oldschool approach to hand-making their fins. From the start they pour layer after layer of fiberglass resin on a glass plate and construct the fin from the very base up. This method was passed on from their father and the legacy continues on today, making some of the finest fins the world has to offer. If you have ever picked up a set of Maisch fins, you will instantly recognise the quality on materials, craftsmanship and execution. The devil is in the details.

Wedge Surfboards - 100% Handmade

Wedge Surfboards are handmade with either PU, EPS or XPS foam core, brought to life with a painted design and laminated with Hexcel Glass using high-grade epoxy or resin and fitted with high quality, branded fin systems with Maisch Fins.


Maisch Fins - 100% Handmade Pureglass Fins

All of our Fins are completely handmade from the start. Right here on the South Coast of KZN. No exceptions. No cookie cutters.


Specialists in EPS and Epoxy Surfboards since 2006

Reasons to order an Epoxy Surfboard

  • Strength. Epoxy resin can be as much as 35% stronger than the resin used on a fiberglass board.
  • Floats better. An epoxy surfboard has better buoyancy than a fiberglass board, making it easier to paddle, float, and ultimately catch waves, making them a great choice for those surfers just starting out.
  • Lighter. The polystyrene foam inner used in an epoxy surfboard weighs less than the polyurethane inner in a traditional surfboard, making for a lighter weight under the arm on the way to your local break.
  • Flex and Bounce. When you surf an Epoxy surfboard you will instantly feel that the board flexes and bounces back stronger off your turns and is more resilient against pressure cracks.

Contact Us

Gazo: +27 (0)83 796 8453

Justy: +27 (0)73 496 1210

Fax: 0866101344

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